Anneli Portman, Specialist, PhD
City of Helsinki

Anneli Portman has a PhD in social psychology (University of Helsinki) and is a value researcher who has studied, among other things, the heads of states’ public speeches. In addition, she has studied the formation of a national identity, as well as the perceptions different Finnish groups have of each other. Prior to becoming a researcher, Anneli was a communication trainer, specializing in family conflict resolution tools (including Active listening).

Anneli is responsible for its comprehensive implementation of the I See You See (Minun Silmin Sinun Silmin) program. In addition, she specializes in assessing the effectiveness of the program and in training new facilitators. She is also responsible for the presenting the program to the wider audiences.

Petronella Lehtelä, Project Coordinator, M.Soc.Sc (Social policy)
City of Helsinki

Petronella Lehtelä has studied Social policy at the University of Turku. Prior to joining the City of Helsinki’s Safety and preparedness unit, she worked in development cooperation organizations in education and peace-building projects.

As a Project Coordinator Petronella coordinates the implementation of the I See You See (Minun Silmin Sinun Silmin) programme.

Marjaana Jokela, M.Soc.Sc (sosiology)

Marjaana Jokela has worked for many years as a school counselor for high school student for the City of Helsinki. She has also actively been involved in contextualizing the Finnish version of the I See You See (Minun Silmin Sinun Silmin) program. Marjaana is also the contact person for schools.

Kristina Westerholm, Specialist, M.Soc.Sc (on parental leave)
City of Helsinki

Kristina Westerholm’s background is in Social Sciences, in social work. For the past nine years, she has been working at the City Executive Office in the Safety and Preparedness Unit to address the challenges of social and regional problems, and to coordinate solutions to them found  in cooperation with various actors, organizations, residents and the authorities of the city. Kristina is also responsible for coordinating the violent extremist prevention of the City of Helsinki.

Prior her work in the Safety and Preparedness Unit, Kristina has worked as a social worker at the then Crime Department, having as her clients young offenders. She has also been a social worker at the Helsinki Police Department, in the precinct of Eastern Helsinki/Itäkeskus. Kristina has experience in working with customers, using, for example, cognitive-behavioral methods, solution-focused short-intervention therapy, and motivational interview. Kristina has also worked as a part-time lecturer at the Department of Social Sciences at the University of Helsinki.

Kristina has been instrumental in bringing the IC-Thinking method to Finland and has also been the primus motor in the development of I See, You See (Minun Silmin Sinun Silmin) program.

Sara Savage, PhD, Director
University of Cambridge

Dr. Sara Savage is a social psychologist at the Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge, and she is the director of IC Thinking (Cambridge) Ltd.

Sara and the ICthinking® Research Team at Cambridge have developed interventions to address inter-group conflicts based on social neuroscience and the framework of integrative complexity (IC).

IC courses enable young people ‘see through’ the false binaries of polarised views while promoting social cohesion and personal flourishing. All interventions are supported by continual empirical assessment.

Prior to being a research psychologist, Sara was a dancer and choreographer. The arts and media continue to inform this unique approach to transformational learning.

Steering group

The steering group’s task is to ensure the I See You See program reaches its goals. In addition, the steering group gives advice on strategic decisions.

ICUC has also a separate academic steering group, whose task it is to oversee the research of the programs effectiveness and to help develop the program. The academic steering group also ensures the results are reported in the appropriate academic peer-reviewed forums.



Anneli Portman, City Executive Office

Petronella Lehtelä, City Executive Office

Kristina Westerholm, City Executive Office (on parental leave)


Other members:

Karin Creutz; University of Helsinki/CEREN

Maria Edel, National Board of Education

Mika Junninen, Ministry of Justice

Liisa Myyry, University of Helsinki

Vesa Nevalainen, City of Helsinki/ Department of Education

Crister Nyberg, City of Helsinki/ Department of Education

Sini Perho, Culture and Leisure Section/Youth Division

Anu-Katriina Pesonen, University of Helsinki

Merja Svensk, City Executive Office

Harri Soininen, Helsinki Police Department


Academic steering group

PhD Anneli Portman

Prof. Inga Jasinskaja-Lahti, University of Helsinki

University Lecturer  Liisa Myyry, University of Helsinki HY

Prof. Anu-Katriina Pesonen, University of Helsinki

Prof. Antti Räsänen, University of Helsinki

Prof. Arniika Kuusisto, Stockholm University


Trained facilitators

Helsinki City Education Sector

NGOs and similar

Helsinki City/ Youth workers